Beth & Bruce’s Dunbar

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It’s a perfect match! This 640 sq. ft. Dunbar laneway house is a dead ringer for the property’s beautiful main dwelling and is the perfect space for a single young professional or a couple.

The interior design of this lane house focuses on finishes that evoke a classic West Coast feel with a unique aquamarine acid stained concrete floor in the main living area and plenty of vertical grain fir throughout, including the kitchen which also features energy star appliances and a “denim” paperstone countertop of 100% recycled paper.

The dedication to natural materials continues up the stairs, is given a nod in the beautiful office space at the top of the first floor landing—an inspiring work/study area and a gateway to the large balcony!—and on into the main bedroom suite with a laundry tucked away in a closet, and carries on through to the cork flooring in the upper bath.