Glass Brick

Glass Brick2018-06-26T13:42:35-07:00

The Glass Brick Laneway House is built with insulated Japanese-designed glass brick and offers both privacy and plenty of natural, ambient light. Its simple and elegant split-level design provides a living area with 14-foot ceilings by recessing the main part of the home into the site while the bedroom is three steps higher, creating a mezzanine at ground level. The under-floor cavities of the split-level also provide additional built-in storage space.

This laneway house has an open plan and utilizes sliding screens to subdivide the space. High windows and skylights can be added to capture any surrounding views, thus connecting the interior to the outdoors. As the sun sets, with its interior lit, the glass brick exterior glows with “active habitation.” To maintain privacy, and to avoid both adding to and being a subject of urban light pollution, a system of motorized exterior blackout blinds controlled by an astronomical clock closes off the facade as the sun fades.

Designed exclusively for Smallworks by award winning Architect, Gair Williamson.