Laneway Getaway

Laneway Getaway2018-06-26T13:29:37-07:00

This beautiful Lane House is situated right next to one of Vancouver’s most notoriously steep bike routes (huff! huff!).

This is a one level lane house but there is a step up to the two bedrooms nestled in the back and the main room at the front takes advantage of the entire building height. Its lofted ceiling and sky lights flood the central living area with natural light.

This home features top of the line millwork in the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen.

To make the most of the home’s 711 square feet, the clients elected to splurge on tons of built-in storage including overhead attic storage for those seasonal or occasional use items.

Layout Design: Brian Sheehan
Interior Design: Narges Mowlaee
Photos: Jeremy Segal
Staging: Home Ingredients