Nat & Roshni’s Laneway House

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Nat & Roshni’s Laneway House2018-06-26T13:33:10-07:00

For now, this little backyard Laneway House contributes to the family cashflow.

But in the future, Nat and Roshni are going to use this cute little 685 square foot number as a pied a terre for all the travelling they have planned.

Two large bathrooms, laundry and a massive walk in closet upstairs (not pictured) are all going to make the autumn years feel a little more like spring in this laneway house.

Some notable features:

  • Budget conscious Ikea kitchen helped finance the big bifold door system to open up the kitchen.
  • European appliances
  • Bamboo floors

Interior design palette by our own Narges Mowlaee. Staging by Home Ingredients Staging Vancouver.