Serene West Side Lane House

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This Lane House flaunts the classy, elegant and understated finishes that have made Smallworks famous.

The lane house clocks in at around 700 square feet. Two bedrooms and a full bath perch above the kitchen, living, and laundry areas downstairs.

For the main living area, the homeowners selected hickory flooring with a hand applied Amarosa finish. The living room’s wood details are crowned by a custom stained hemlock mantle for the hearth.

The kitchen and bathrooms sport a sensible yet chic subway tile backsplash. A few well placed skylights flood the stairwell and upstairs bathroom with natural light. In the dining area, there is a cozy bay window with extra storage in the seat.

This lane house was built in under 24 weeks by Jason Mitchell.

Appliances from Blomberg, Porter and Charles & Bosch.

Design: Brian Sheehan
Interior Design: Narges Mowlaee
Staging: Home Ingredients
Photography: Jeremy Segal