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Our joint lane house project with Simon Fraser University is now permanently located in the Cedar Cottage Community Garden at 2009 Stainsbury Avenue.

This energy-efficient, green Laneway Loft House built by Smallworks and showcased at LiveCity Yaletown, David Lam Park, one of two City of Vancouver celebration sites, during the 2010 Winter Games.

West House, a two-level laneway loft house, with 610 feet of living space plus a 226-square-foot garage, was the first of its kind to be constructed in Vancouver following the City’s zoning for laneway housing was passed. West House was built as a collaborative project between Simon Fraser University and the City of Vancouver with major sponsorship from Western Economic Diversification Canada and BC Hydro Powersmart.

West House was built with local B.C. materials, including a cedar exterior, and outfitted with sustainable fixtures and appliances that meet Energy Star ratings. The fixtures and appliances in the home are so green that they require no more than 1.5 kWh of energy per person per day, under normal living circumstances. The average amount of energy used daily in a standard-sized home is over three kWh.

The roof is a photovoltaic panel that generates over one kilowatt of electricity each day.
West House’s Proprietary Building envelope surpasses standards set out in the City’s Green Code and is designed for superior air quality and thermal performance.

Architectural design by Birmingham and Wood

Photos by Keith Henderson Photography

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