Sustainable, Beautiful Finishes2018-02-19T14:18:12-07:00

Sustainability is a part of everything we do.


Remodeling and Home Design
If building a more sustainable future is a part of your vision, a small home or laneway house is a great start. Smaller homes conserve resources in construction, maintenance, and operation, and laneway houses make use of an existing municipal infrastructure.

But, for Smallworks that’s just the start.

We give priority to local, sustainable resources and businesses, as well as to healthy materials. And, we work a hybrid system that uses both factory prefabrication and site-specific hand building. Prefabrication streamlines, reduces waste and site disturbance, and adds to a more sustainable future.

The list of sustainable, environmentally conscious products expands each day and consumers have more sustainable product choices than ever before. There are no perfect products or techniques and each project has unique site conditions and each client unique needs.

However, our designers stay at the forefront of the knowledge curve on sustainable products and will help you navigate through these choices.

Have a look at how beautiful sustainable fixtures and finishes can be. For more examples, click the images below: